Lyon, FR

Arthur, Josselin, Nicolas and Félix meet in 2014 around a first musical project named Phylemon, a tribute to comics that inspires their vaporous and illusory universe. These four dreamers, lost and disconnected from the reality of the world, build a true island : the Arch of the "A".

A disenchanted world, solar and absurd, where the letters of the Atlantic Ocean form islands composed by completely whimsical and irrational societies. A unique trip between the real world and our unconscious.

These kiddos of the nineties, build their own refuge through a quirky and always dreamy aesthetic. Arche leads us into a journey where reigns, vintage objects where their innocence can become insolent.

These four boys from Lyon (FR) define their universe as a musical mirage to Pop and Psychedelic sonorities. Inspired by an ephemeral world made of "vapors of thoughts", their first EP "Le A" plunges us into a unique odyssey.

ARCHE - My Only
ARCHE - Back to the Sun