French Indie Pop
Paris, France

In the midst of a night of hallucinated fever, Dombrance, half of the DBFC massive excitation weapon, fiddles his machines in his Parisian studio and thus hears a voice inviting itself, like an aberrant ghost, on its nasty beats. The hallucinatory voice repeats, ad lib, a surrealist mantra: “François Fillon is François Fillon”. It emanates from this hallucination of the absurd and the deep, a surreal and wacky thing, of a crazy efficiency. The evidence emerges: it is here that the future of the Nation is taking shape, and other famous tribunes (Poutou, Chirac, Raffarin, Taubira, Copé, Hulot...) will join the movement.

An outstanding remixer (Superpoze, Cascadeur, Is Tropical,Slove,Geta Room...), Dombrance uses its dance music science to deliver crazy roller coaster tracks, where the disco telescope techno,funk, pop, where the trend towards collective hysteria is constantly increasing. Thus a crazy electoral-musical project is born, carried by the genial visuals of Olivierlaude, part of the campaign and whose inventions or reinventions, mixtures of genres and remixes of memes are an essential part of the joyous subversion of this mind-boggling program.

The first piece revealed a Raffarin as Prime Minister of Epic and Multicolored Happiness on a single fused like an unstoppable tube. A Newdisco anthem, a kind of improbable cocktail between Soulwax, Vladimir Cosma and Jean Michel-Jarre.

With the second single «Taubira», the former keeper of the seals finds herself like a guru levitating to pierce us with his legendary vision. Through this piece, Dombrance wanted to translate the spleen and powerlessness in the face of sexism, homophobia and racism that the former minister was able to crystallize. But it is also a piece that has this force of federating hymns on the dance floor, when a crowd, in unison, vibrates like a single person.

Already won over by DBFC that he had invited in 2014, Jean-Louis Brossard, patron ofTrans Musicalesde Rennes and the most precious pair of ears in France, was not mistaken: he was the first to insert himself. Convinced by listening to the first demos that there was something there to shake the crowds, he offered Dombrance the most appropriate place to organize his first meeting: Hall 9 of the Park of Exhibitions of Trans Musicals edition 2018.

Poutou (Megamix)