Paris, France

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and hunter of his nomad, Nadir Moussaoui, aka KasbaH, mixes all his caps at the dawn of the breakthrough of Maghreb electronic music in France.

If the name « KasbaH » goes back to his North African origins, it is because Nadir proudly takes up the definition of « citadel ». By standing at the crossroads of cultures, his music offers a wider view of the world. Pigments, his first EP released in 2017, already expressed an open-mindedness, a singular personality, and especially the alliance of traditional world sounds and western electronic cultures. After years of underground culture, KasbaH filled his sound travel notebooks in ink of sounds captured in nature, testimonies or melodies recorded on the fly. Nadir came back with the desire to restore them and dedicate their marriage to western club cultures. It’s from this musical union and desire to share that the single « Divane » was born, as a prelude to a first album, the well-named Bon Voyage #1.

Divane is the story of a duality between an unconditional and tortured love. Like a Russian doll, it fits together and complements itself by mixing softness and virtuality. Inspired by an ancient Turkish poem, this sentimental journey explores the frontiers between electronic and traditional music. The nostalgia of the melody confronts the cold rhythm of the synthetic bass line. It is therefore quite natural that’s Chala’s powerful song warms up this declaration of love, like a sentimental journey.

Avant La Fête