Pop - Folk
Geneva, CH

Formed in 2015 the Swiss duet Martinez was a surprising addition to the careers of singer songwriter Valerie Martinez and drummer/producer Yvan Bing.

Both coming of distinctive musical worlds - New Soul for Valérie and Indie Rock for Yvan - they found common ground in Martinez with a very unique sound that most people can relate to.

Tinged with nostalgia but nevertheless joy, the music of Martinez expresses a hope to relive a past of carelessness. Their first self produced single, Maryam, released in 2016, evokes the difficulties everyone can experience in a society that constantly assigns roles. The supporting video beautifully depicting a little girl living in an adult world has struck a chord with the public at large.

Martinez - Maryam
Martinez - Rise
Martinez - Maryam (Stéphane Chapelle Remix)