Bedroom Folk
Los Angeles, USA

Martin Tomemitsu is a bedroom folk artist based in Los Angeles crafting dreamy lofi tunes that run from sleepy and hazy to distorted and shoegazing.

Tomemitsu released two albums on Chill Mega Chill records, 2013's m_o_d_e_s and 2015's Loaf Eye.

2016 saw the first vinyl release for tomemitsu with a remix of "In Dreams" by German house ensemble, RSS Disco, and a remaster of the single on Mireia Records. In 2017 tomemitsu began working with Echo Orange Records in France. The singles "in dreams" and "runaway" have been featuredf on episodes of the HBO series High Maintenance. The track "Thinkin'" is featured on the new cult sampler "Hotel Costes" in France. tomemitsu's newest EP, The Cave, is out now on his very own Sucks About Dinosaurs Records.

- "m_o_d_e_s", 1st album, is now more than 10 millions streams.
- "m_o_d_e_s" entered the charts of most European countries.

In Dreams (Fan video)