Indie Pop
Nantes, FR

San Carol is the new project of the young songwriter Maxime Dobosz.
The first album was a mix between prog & post-punk, krautrock & new wave, techno & electro-pop, with voies from Ian Curtis to Dave Gahan.

Melancholy doesn't have any place in San Carol's music. It is a fair where Russian mountains give you the smile and invites you to jump in the air.

As his title seems to blow him, Houdini is a breakaway. And its master of ceremony, Maxime Dobosz, is the king of escape. For the recording of the new album, Maxime designed from his job in the french administration and live his hometown to the excitant city of Nantes.

The first album of San Carol, "La Main Invisible" ("The Invisible Hand") in 2013, was a break Electro DIY, and the second one "Humain Trop Humain" ("Human to much Human") on 2015 is a tense Rock masterpiece.

Houdini - recorded after a tour in Texas (SXSW), is a procession of unexpected influences that réinventer the cool. From Todd Rungren to Elton John, reveal the feeling of stress behind the apparent relaxation.

With the help of the "Pop Spleen Wave" band VedeTT, Raphaël d'Hervez (Pégase, Minitel Rose), San Carol starts from the one of the many aspects of Pop Music to invest the mutant potential and move the lines. If the new songs of Maxime have the patina of classics, they come to inject novelty, as the writing becomes more personal and discreetly political. Where the happy melancholy transcends the bitterness of frustration.

"The sound of "Houdini" is the futur of the past". Maxime Dobosz