Echo Orange,
french publishing company since 2013

Echo Orange is a publishing company & indie label based in France.

Since 2013, we are launching and managing the career of the most exciting artists of the new French, European, and international music scene.

The publisher is the first partner of an artist, we are keen to modernize this business, by innovating and constantly finding new ways of broadcasting and remuneration.

We want to be the main part of the success of the artists, and their works we defend every day. We favor action, intelligent and organized, and we are offering to the artists our expertize and experience as “a la carte” services: rights management, music sync, artistic direction, marketing, licensing, production, management.

Thanks to our partnerships with the best independent publishers in the world, we are actively working in each territory to give each work an international reputation.



Maxime Jacquard and Constance de Guillebon founded Echo Orange as a collective of artists. Our missions: develop their career 360: promotion—booking—management—distribution—production—administration.

Well aware in 2009 of the mutations of the music industry, we are one of the first labels to sign a distribution agreement with Denis Ladegaillerie and his young startup Believe Digital. Echo Orange becomes then label.

This year comes the very first EP of The Rebels of Tijuana “J’adore ce Flic ”, at the time when the French language is not yet central in the new French scene.

Echo Orange produce concerts and organizes its first event: Echo Orange Festival (Hushpuppies, John & Jehn, Vandaveer…). We are also at the origin of the free parties at the Transbordeur: Pop Superheroes (now known as “French Kiss”).


Echo Orange merges with WMP—Words of Music Publishing, a publishing company founded in 2001 by jazz producer and saxophonist Jacques Helmus. We collaborate with artists such as Erik Truffaz, Manu Katché, Andre Manoukian, Robben Ford, Victor Wooten, in studio recording, international tour production & rights management and album production.

New artists: Daisy Lambert, Erotic Market, Neils Children.


Echo Orange acquires the WMP catalog and is admitted to SACEM as publisher.

The company moved to the Grim Edif (Research and Information Group on Music) and is involved in training and educational activities of the performing arts.

The Rebels of Tijuana "J'adore ce Flic" is the soundtrack of the new Orangina TV - Cinema - Radio campaign in UK (C'est Shook !).

New artists: VedeTT, KØS, Le Roi Angus, YEAST Magic & Naked, Charlotte & Magon...

Admission à la SCPP (société des producteurs) & FCM (fond pour la création musicale).


We are signing the French duet KØS in co-publishing with WAGRAM, production deal with new label LaBrea (Delphine Marques).
The artist also collaborates with the famous booking company UNI-T.

We validate a partnership between the French band YEAST and the car brand Citroën (TV—Cinema—Radio & web world commercial—events, etc.).

Echo Orange integrates the CSDEM : Union House of the Publishers, and the Export Office.


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