Funk - Rock - Soul
Dallas, US

Danielle Grubb is a nonbinary and transmasculine artist from Texas.

At the age of 27, they have been playing music for 23 years; singing and playing piano at 4, and in their adolescence, their love and fascination for audio recording began.

Their story starts in a Plano suburb, but Danielle began performing in Deep Ellum at a young age, frequenting The Prophet Bar and Curtain Club. At 18, they left Dallas for New York and studied Studio Production at SUNY Purchase. After graduation they began performing in Manhattan and Brooklyn with other musicians, soon securing a residency at Arlene’s Grocery.

During Danielle’s time in New York, a diagnosis of bipolar one caused them to return home to Dallas to regroup. Their time in Dallas has been spent experimenting with releases and performances, in hopes to reform their own music in a new way.

From funk, to rock, to soul, their will create his own pop music with undeniably groovy sounds in his latest EP, "D", released in July 2020.