Electro Pop
Lyon, France

Elle Valenci is a young singer-songwriter from Lyon.
She started working on her current musical project in 2016, a mix of electro-pop and ambient-chill projected by a soulful voice.
In 2017 she performed as Elea on Lecomte de Brégeot’s EP Pretty Ashes. It was the first opportunity for the two artists to work together.
They carried on their partnership into 2018 when she composed a piece of music for the brand Baak’s advertising campaign. The success of that piece was such that in May 2019 Elle Valenci launched Perfect Blue, her first single, as well as a reworked version edited by Echo Orange. This first production saw Elle at the top of the charts along with some major artists.
It’s been two years now that Elle Valenci works on her music both in the studio and in local venues where she performs live to share her unique musical universe.
Her last songs reveal a new aspect of her creativity, uncovering touching sound landscapes that fusion electronic and acoustic musical styles, which she is now exploring on future singles.

Perfect Blue