Sync Licensing
Lyon, France

Nicolas Peiron is a music sync licensing composer with a vast universe and multiple training. He graduated from the Master in Applied Music in Visual Arts (MAAAV) and the Lyon Conservatory in Piano Jazz and Modern Music.

His musical tastes are eclectic, and his plural inspirations, ranging from music of the 70s and 80s, from soul-funk to jazz, through orchestral music, minimalist music or even pop music. We can cite among the composers and groups nourishing his work Avishai Cohen, Radiohead, Rob, Les Louanges but also the renowned Danny Elfmann.

He also draws his inspiration from the artistic relationship that is created with each director, where the meeting between two opposing aesthetic universes materializes. His latest project? "Hors Piste", a short film selected at the Oscars 2020 on which he signed the original music.

Passionate about piano, he offers his compositions through his EP "Bedroom Session # 1" which he recorded alone, at home, accompanied by his piano.

From studio to stage, he is also a keyboardist in the groups "Arche" (psyche pop) and "Wugo" (electro pop).

Hors piste - Trailer