Modern Folk
Lyon, France

Born in Lyon, Raoul Vignal began performing solo at the age of 20. Through the stage performances, he weaves a delicate and harmonious universe, an intimate and visual folk where his guitar play (finger-picking and alternative accordions) becomes a subtle resonance to his soothing song.

He leaves his hometown at the end of 2013 to go to Berlin where he will stay for two years. He became an active musician, multiplying the collaborations, recordings and concerts that would lead him to perform in various European countries.

After his third EP, self-produced and recorded in November 2014 at the Klangbild studio (Berlin), Raoul Vignal signed the soundtrack for the movie ‘Sweet Water of Memory’, directed by Carlos Vin Lopes, earlier this year.

In autumn 2015, he recorded his first album "The Silver Veil", again at the Klangbild studio, with sound engineer Martin J. Fiedler. This one appeared at Talitres on April 7, 2017.

No Faith / The Valve